Saturday, 20 December 2014

A merry lolita christmas to you!

For our lolita community this year, Laura and I organised for everybody to go bowling.
Casual Christmas Coordinate:
Holy Night Story switching JSK by Angelic Pretty with matching headbow, Angelic Pretty socks from the Loyal Rosette series, gold tea parties from Antaina, shirt and accessories obtained by raiding my mother's wardrobe out of desperation.
The beautiful community of people who came to the meet up. It was too dark inside to take any decent photos which is a shame. But we all had a lot of fun. Zoe took out the top score out of everybody and I just threw gutter ball after gutter ball ending up coming dead last.
Christmas display in Darling Harbour.
We visited the giant snow globe in Market City.
You had to wear blue booties to go inside.
Lolitas in fake snow.
Annette and I taking selfies with the "snow" aka bubbles.
Christmas coordinates with bootie swag.
I'm going to be honest, I probably took around fifty photos of myself while I was in here.
Gangster snow man.
A snap of our little group that went inside the snow globe together. It was a shame we got split into two.


  1. waaah! looks like it was heaps fun. wish I could have made it yesterday. ♥ Bec

  2. This looks really fun! ^.^

  3. THE PHOTOS ARE SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice, but wtf, your blouse is looking lil'bit shit with the dress

  5. I like the lady's dress who's at the front. It looks like pastries. The name?. You're all so cool!. x

  6. I love the snowball! How amazing! I wish we had something like that at our lolita Christmas party too, maybe next year:D